Back-Roads Touring are experts in small group and tailor-made touring, offering unique, fascinating and leisurely regional tours throughout the UK & Europe. With a maximum of 18 people per tour, you can be assured of a more intimate and relaxing travel experience. From the charming, local accommodation we stay in to the unique authentic experiences we include, on a Back-Roads tour you can really take the time to immerse yourself in a particular region or destination, away from the typical tourist trail. Join us as we journey through the UK and Europe, exploring both famed and lesser-known cities, towns, and villages, travelling through the beautiful back-roads along the way: from Cornwall to the Cotswolds, the Orkneys to the Dingle Peninsula, La Provence to the Loire Valley, the Amalfi Coast to the Cinque Terre, Andalucia to the Dalmatian Coast, Delphi to Sognefjord, the Swiss Alps to Bavaria.



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