Warwick Barton

Coming from a background as a Chartered Surveyor in construction, Warwick was involved in projects as wide ranging as a golf course, to enabling works in London’s Docklands, to the most modern canning and bottling soft drinks factory in Europe. During this period, when he had the time, he climbed and walked throughout the UK, in the European Alps and the Pyrenees and as far afield as the Karakorum in North West Pakistan. As well as leading trips, for 20 + years he has given talks and presentations (with or without visuals), on his travels, to local groups and to his various membership clubs. This outdoor experience has also cultivated an interest in bird watching and in wildlife generally.


Since his first degree in History he has had a passion for the subject, both British and wider world history and whenever possible enjoys the opportunity of exploring it, alongside the stunning architecture of UK towns and cities. London in particular is one of the loves of his life.


Warwick brings the same energy and enthusiasm to his tours as he has always done to his mountaineering trips and his talks/presentations.  He feels it is the work/role he has been waiting for all his life.


Warwick lives in north-east London with his wife and cat Shema (the boss), close to the several thousand acres of ancient woodland which is Epping Forest.

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