Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson was born in Manchester in the north west of England and raised in Bolton and Blackburn till the age of 11 when his family moved to Llandudno in North Wales. He went to College in Bangor, North Wales and since then has followed his heart around the planet - living in London, India, New York - U.S.A., Brighton - Sussex, Boulder - Colorado, Laguna Beach and Marin County, California, India (again) Germany, Corfu - Greece, London (again) and came to live in the West Country in 1998, which he now feels is HOME. 
He was trained as a Drama Teacher and took the advice of Sir John Gielgud to young actors to heart very early on...Sir John said: "In order to know WHO you are, you must first know WHERE you are and WHEN you are." This has prompted him to take an interest in History and Geography, which has led to him delving into: Archaeology, Astronomy, Architecture, Bird Watching, Comedy, Culture, Geology, Literature, Linguistics, Mapping, Metallurgy, Nature Study, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Ship Building, Science and Semantics...to name a few of his interests.

His greatest passion however is for people and communicating with them, his experience in an international commune in India, where he led theatre workshops with people from diverse cultures, with varying levels of mastery of the english language, have stood him in good stead for this.
He came to being a tour leading quite late in life, but feels like he has found his vocation, he loves it! 

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