Sarah Fanet

Sarah joined Back-Roads two years ago after twenty years teaching languages. She grew up in France and has strong links with Brittany, Burgundy and the French Alps.  She now lives in the Scottish Highlands where she plays music when she is not guiding. She loves history, current affairs, poetry and arts and loves guiding both in France and in Scotland.


Her passion for history is obvious when you listen to her stories about Joan of Arc, the kings of France, D-Day landing or the Jacobite Rising in Scotland.  She loves taking visitors to places in France linked with family stories or drive them around the Scottish Highlands which have now become her home. She loves local food and will always try to make you enjoy a special dish, with a wine or a whisky you have never tried.


As a driver she is always seeking for beautiful sceneries for photo stops. She loves sharing her passion with people and finds the most exciting moment in her job when she drives to meet a new group to embark on a new journey.