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The Back-Roads Difference

Small Group Touring
Experience the Back-Roads Touring Difference

With more than 25 year’s experience, Back-Roads Touring has always offered a different type of guided holiday. By limiting our group size to a maximum of 18 passengers (average group size is 10), our aim has always been to provide a more friendly, relaxed and flexible form of touring. Our purpose built mini-coaches can take you to places in Europe that large coaches are simply unable to reach. You can leave the typical tourist trails behind and visit tiny places like the cobbled town centre of an historic European village, or a narrow, country lane in the English Cotswolds. These hidden gems are all easily accessible with a Back-Roads tour. We give our clients a unique insight into local culture and heritage.

By travelling in small groups we are less intrusive to the villages we visit, the people we meet and the restaurants we dine at. In fact, it’s intrinsic to everything we stand for at Back-Roads Touring. Whether you’re cooking your own Italian lunch with a Tuscan chef, or enjoying the best fish and chips by the English seaside, our small tours can take you beyond the tourist façade, to truly experience the real Europe. It’s our balance of renowned and lesser-known sites that makes a Back-Roads tour so special. It doesn’t matter which tour you choose, there is no pressure on your budget, because most entrance fees are included in the price. And that’s not the only part that’s been considered. Our relaxed itineraries have been designed to be regionally based, so the stress has been taken away from covering large distances in any one day. Sleep in, because we have no early morning starts, that is for the others.

You’ll enjoy time to explore each destination. After all, you are on holidays! Our small group tours allow you to socialise while travelling. During the day, you have time to relax and mix with those in your group, while at night, you have a whole evening to kick-back and share the day’s stories over some delicious local food and wine. Travelling is all about enjoying and remembering great experiences. At Back-Roads Touring, we understand your holiday should be more than just ‘town-hopping’. Our tours will give you free time to enjoy even the smallest delights. It could be sitting in a Cornish café savouring a cream tea, shopping ‘til you drop in Milan, or discovering the life works of Leonardo Da Vinci in an Italian museum. With Back-Roads Touring, our holidays are relaxing and stress free. Our knowledgeable driver guides are on hand to provide a personal service, as a source of information, day or night. At Back-Roads Touring our belief is that the journey is as important as the destination and we have no doubt the experiences you have with us will be unique, exciting and unforgettable.

There is no better way to travel!

Why travel with Back-Roads Touring?
✓ Small Group sizes

Maximum 18 passengers per tour allows for more flexibility on tour.

✓ Authentic local experiences
We take you to places away from the standard tourist trails. We take you beyond the tourist façade to meet real people and learn more about their food, crafts, history and culture.

✓ Back Roads not freeways
Unlike large coaches, our Mercedes mini-coaches can go anywhere a car can. Travel to the smallest town squares, along hedge-rimmed country lanes and access tiny, medieval villages full of stories and character.

✓ Culinary Encounters
Many of our itineraries have an included lunch or dinner at one of the region's local restaurants. We call these 'Culinary Encounters'. You'll find some of our destinations' restaurants have been selected because they offer regional specialities. Others are chosen because they are popular with the locals or have a historical story.

✓ No early morning starts
The good news is that our tours never leave our accommodation prior to 8.30am. In fact, many departures are after 9am. After all you are on holidays!

✓ Charming local accommodation
We use quality local accommodation that reflects the character of your destination (we never stay at large chain hotels).

✓ 'I-Select' menu options
With Back-Roads tours it’s all about flexibility. With any ‘included’ evening meals, we guarantee you a choice of meals from the menu. We believe to make your holiday a memorable one, it’s important to sample= some of the delicious, locally produced wines, beers or ciders as part of your overall appreciation of the destination. And to kick off an enjoyable evening, we’ll make sure that your first drink is always on us!

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