questions about the mini coaches

Frequently Asked Questions


questions about the mini coaches

QWhat kind of vehicles do you use?

We operate a fleet of Mini Coaches. The most common vehicle in our fleet is a 16 seater Mercedes Sprinter. This vehicle is used on all tours that operate in the UK, Ireland and France.* In other countries in mainland Europe and Turkey we use models of a comparable standard and our group sizes do not exceed 18 passengers.


*Where group sizes are 7 or under we may operate the tour using a Mercedes Vito 8 seater.

QI'm over 6 foot. Is there plenty of leg room?

Yes, several of the seats have sufficient room for even the tallest passenger to stretch their legs. We also rotate places to ensure that no-one is sitting permanently in any particular seat.

QDo you have a policy on smoking?

Virtually all countries in Europe have now implemented a total smoking ban in public places, and the local laws must be followed. It goes without saying that no smoking is allowed on our vehicles.

QHow many people will be on my tour?

The maximum number we carry is 18 (22 on Charming Waterways) and the minimum 4 (8-12 on Charming Waterways and minimum 8 on Norway: Fjords & Glaciers). Tours with a separate driver and tour leader will have a maximum of 18 passengers; tours with a driver/tour leader only will have a maximum of 15. Your Tour Leader will usually implement a daily seat rotation on the vehicle so you can get to know your fellow travellers better and enjoy the view from a different perspective each day.

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