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Clean Up Britain

Written by Charlotte Pinnock on 1st July 2011 at 10:48am

Back-Roads Touring Clean up Britain

 Back-Roads have pledged their support to Clean Up Britain's campaign to help keep Britain tidy. Find out more about our planned activities and how you can get involved with this worthwhile campaign to protect our beautiful countryside.

Clean up Britain Campaign
British celebrities including Jeremy Paxman and Gabby Logan have recently joined Clean up Britain’s campaign ( to raise awareness about the ever increasing problem of litter building up on the side of roads and rubbish destroying our beautiful countryside. Approximately 1.3m pieces of rubbish are thrown from cars every weekend (CPRE 2008) which can have dire consequences for local habitat and wildlife. This also has an effect on tourism. Britain is known for its rolling countryside and picturesque villages – we don’t want guests’ lasting impression to be plastic supermarket bags blowing through the trees and empty drink bottles rolling around village streets. 94% of people think that roadside litter gives a bad impression of Britain (AA) and we agree.

Thankfully there are a number of high profile celebrities and organisations (such as the RSPCA) who are committed to raising awareness of this problem in Britain. The CLUB campaigners will try and work with companies whose packaging are the worst offenders to help with the costs of cleaning up some of Britain’s worst areas. They will also campaign to try and change behavioural patterns of behaviour on a wider scale. Fact: “In the USA & Australia, money-back deposits on cans and plastic bottles reduced related litter by 80%.” (- Litter Heroes Survey). Back-Roads Touring have pledged our support to this campaign and we will be doing our bit whilst on tour to ensure we do not leave any litter behind. There will be information booklets and litter bags on all coaches soon and we encourage our guides and customers to pick up any litter they come across along the Backroads.

Our London office will be launching a Clean Up day very soon. We will spend the afternoon in a nominated litter black spot outside London. If you have been to Britain recently, or live here and would like to nominate a site for us to come and visit let us know on Twitter including the subject #backroadscleanup and we will update our Twitter and Facebook sites with news and updates. This is will be a long and on-going campaign and whilst we don’t expect to fix the problem, hopefully we can do our bit to help local communities and will ensure that we are not contributing to the problem.


What you can do on tour:

  1. Use recycle bins located in most towns and cities to dispose of your waste
  2. Use the bins inside the coaches to dispose of waste - leave only a footprint behind!
  3. If you find any rouge rubbish in our countryside, pleae pick it up
  4. Nominate a site in the surrounding areas of London for Back-Roads Clean Up day (to be announced soon)
  5. Pledge your support with Clean Up Britain
  6. Join Back-Roads on one of our Clean up Days - first in July to be announced soon!

More information:
• Pledge your support to this campaign:
• Read more about Back-Roads Touring’s sustainable tourism pledge:
• Join the conversation on Twitter and nominate a clean up site in southern Britain: #backroadscleanup
• Send us stories and pictures and your experiences from travelling in Britain to subject: Clean UP
• RSPCA story :  

Back-Roads Touring Clean Up Day will be announced soon!

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