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An intimate adventure

You'll soon find yourself with some new friends when you explore Italy in a small group, writes Chanel Parratt.

Created on 23/01/2013 by Chanel Parratt

Provencal picnic in Arles

This is my room with a view of the tiled rooftops of Arles, the southern Provence city with a history that has preserved its Celtic, Greek, Roman and Medieval heritage. I was leaning out the window a little to take this, so tilt your head slightly to the right and you’ll get the picture.

Created on 23/01/2013 by Heather Tyler

You’d be balmy not to like Nice

Friday evening in Nice on the Cote d’Azur and it’s still a balmy 25 deg C. The icy Mistral ripped through the region on Thursday, snatched away the heat haze and had everyone reaching for jackets and scarves. The wind that drove Vincent Van Gogh mad. But today it’s warm again and the sky a hard sapphire, with the alps behind the famous southern French city etched in detail.

Created on 23/01/2013 by Heather Tyler

Jesus is waiting in reception

Well hello, is that Jesus standing next to the reception desk? Welcome to three-star Hotel Gounod in the heart of Saint Remy de Provence, possibly one of the quirkiest hotels in the world.

Created on 05/12/2012 by By Heather Tyler at

Poignant tribute to graceful princess

Fresh flowers always adorn her tomb in Monaco. Princess Grace was killed 30 years ago but she is still revered and remembered. A photographic exhibition dedicated to her life, in the historic village of Les Baux de Provence, is a poignant reminder of how much she was loved.

Created on 05/12/2012 by By Heather Tyler at

Van Gogh’s beautiful asylum

The Mistral drove Vincent Van Gogh mad. That demon gale turns narrow cobblestone streets into icy wind tunnels and chills your body to the marrow.


Created on 05/12/2012 by By Heather Tyler at

Back-Roads Red Dragon of Wales Tour

My tour with Back-Roads Touring Company exceeded my expectations, was lots of fun and exceptional value for money. We sang along to Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey, learnt a lot about Welsh history, visited amazing places and continually drove through beautiful scenic landscapes. I fell in love with Wales, and I have Back-Roads to thank! I can say therefore, with certainty, that this will not be the last tour I do with this excellent, professional company.

Created on 08/08/2012 by Helen Lang

La Belle France

Striking the perfect balance between ‘work’ and play, Back-Roads’ La Belle France tour offers a glimpse into the French l’art de vivre.

Created on 17/04/2012 by Meagan Jones // Photography: Rhys Martin

Back to the front: War tours guide

Australians and New Zealanders have travelled to Gallipoli for decades to commemorate the WWI battles fought there, but in recent years they have been seeking out the Western Front. Paul Daley finds that organised tours are a moving history lesson.


Created on 23/01/2012 by Paul Daley

Following in the footsteps

All battlefields tours are special, for so many reasons. It is the connection that you can make with events that happened close to one hundred years ago that helped to shape the world we live in today.

Created on 31/08/2011 by Mark Banning

Christmas Market Calendar 2011

Christmas can be one of the most exciting time to visit Europe – with the splendid Christmas Markets popping up in major cities and towns in most countries offering a unique opportunity to experience the festive cheer and buy traditional Christmas gifts...

Created on 26/07/2011 by Charlotte Pinnock

Austria: A fantastic winter destination

Austria has been charming visitors and travellers for centuries. The winter months offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the traditional Christmas Markets, wind through the snow capped mountains and visit medieval towns and villages during the festive season...

Created on 14/07/2011 by Susan Oliver

Cornwall - a delightful corner of England

With its winding lanes, delicious food and idyllic seaside towns - is it really any wonder people flock to Cornwall every year?

Created on 04/07/2011 by Charlotte

Winter in Switzerland

Susie Oliver, Back-Roads' Product Development Manager tells us about her recent experience in Switzerland whilst researching our new Winter tour....

Created on 04/07/2011 by Susie Oliver

Clean Up Britain

 Back-Roads have pledged their support to Clean Up Britain's campaign to help keep Britain tidy. Find out more about our planned activities and how you can get involved with this worthwhile campaign to protect our beautiful countryside.

Created on 01/07/2011 by Charlotte Pinnock

Good times in Cornwall!

Group return from their tour in Cornwall...

Created on 09/06/2011 by Gord and Susan Sheehan

D-Day: The Canadian Story

Canadian forces had been in the UK for years; they had already lost some of their best men in the ill fated Dieppe raid of 1942, and were more than keen to play their part in what was to come...

Created on 25/05/2011 by Backroads Touring

Ironbridge: Take a journey through history

Ironbridge is a World Heritage site and memorable visit included on Back-Roads Highlights of Britain tour.


Created on 17/05/2011 by Pat Edgar

ANZAC Day on the Battlefields in France 2011

A moving tale of personal discovery on Back-Roads Anzac Day Tour 2011 as Andie discovers the burial site of her great uncle on the Western Front.

Created on 04/05/2011 by Mark Banning

Travelling La Belle France with a Back-Roads Guide

Travelling with Back-Roads through France is a unique opportunity to experience the real French culture. Andy Steele has lived in France and has been guiding with Back-Roads Touring for several years and introduces you to life in France.

Created on 18/04/2011 by Andy Steele

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