Backroads Touring News: D-Day: The Canadian Story

D-Day: The Canadian Story

Written by Backroads Touring on 25th May 2011 at 12:17pm

Canadian Troops Approaching Juno Beach

Canadian forces had been in the UK for years; they had already lost some of their best men in the ill fated Dieppe raid of 1942, and were more than keen to play their part in what was to come...

The 3rd Canadian Division was selected to land on Juno Beach, mid way between the two British beaches and some way from the Americans. Over the course of 6th June 1944, 15,000 Canadian troops, supported by specialist armoured units were to land on an 8 km stretch of Normandy beach. Although there were losses, the Canadians were able push inland and their advanced forces got further than any of the Allied troops by nightfall.

The Liberation of Europe had begun, and now, the Juno Beach Centre at Courseulles-sur-Mer tells the story of Canada’s participation in the war, from the earliest days, to liberation and the surrender of the German forces in May 1945. All three services are represented, and the Centre is staffed by student guides from across the country.

Elsewhere throughout the Normandy countryside, there are plaques and memorials to the Canadian regiments who fought as part of the liberation, two beautifully maintained military cemeteries and a lasting remembrance amongst the Norman people of these soldiers, some of course, who could speak French!


You can experience the battlefields Canadian soldiers gave their lives on during the First and Second World Wars first hand on our Canadian Battlefield Tour.

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