Maxime Giron

Max was born in the French Alps and describes himself as a mountain goat. He had the chance to experience living abroad, mainly in London, Australia and New Zealand, doing all sorts of odd jobs (including Jackaroo), before his natural curiosity and love of people brought him to settle down as a tour guide in his homeland where he keeps learning something new daily. He now has the opportunity to share his passion for local food, culture and crunchy anecdotes. He says "it feels like I am finally giving back all the good experiences I've had the chance to live thanks to the beautiful people I've met all around the world".
His motto is "sharing is caring" and that is what he is always doing: caring for everybody's well-being.
Back-Roads Touring is the best way to go for him as going back roads in a small group is the only way to share a great time discovering off the beaten track wonders.