Giada Angeli

Giada (Italian name for Jade!) was born in the heart of Italy: a small town called Civitavecchia, very close to the Capital and so called "the harbour of Rome". She has been a tour leader since 2008 and started her career in her city working in an Italian Tour Operator.

It is her first year with Back-Roads Touring and joined the company after spending 2 years in London to improve her English level. She graduated at "Tuscia University" and studied "Foreign Languages for tourism purposes". Her passion has always been travelling and meeting local people.

‘In my job I love to transfer to my guest my love for the art, the history and the traditions of my country so that they can really feel it as a true Italian feels it. I like to show people the genuine Italian lifestyle and the origin of our culinary passion; my grandmother is the " Queen" of Lasagne and "Potato Gnocchi!" so I learned a lot from her cooking classes!’