Agnes Bukowiecka

Agnes was born in Poland. Having spent her childhood in Canada, she quickly developed an interest in foreign languages and cultures. This is what led her to study English at the University of Vienna. Before and during her studies, she explored the worlds of journalism, writing, photography and film-making. Writing for youth magazines, publishing several poems, organizing her own photo exhibitions and having two of her films shown in a local cinema allowed her to gain invaluable experience. Being a Tour Leader perfectly combines everything she truly loves: travelling, meeting new people, photography and using all the languages she knows in practice. Her special travel interests include: urban exploration, upcycling, subcultures, concept cafes and hotels, art (especially street art) and folklore. Agnes is always on the lookout for hidden corners, unknown places and unusual objects, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, which is the area of her expertise: ‘”There is something attractively mysterious about places off the beaten path. Looking for them turns you into a detective or archaeologist who wants to find some kind of lost or forgotten gem that other people just pass by. Perhaps this is exactly why Back-Roads’ itineraries are so appealing to me".