Multi-Tour Discount
We’ve designed our itineraries, and scheduled departure dates, so you can easily combine a number of different tours and see even more of the UK and Europe with Back-Roads Touring. And what’s more - it pays to do so! Book more than one tour at a time and receive a 2.5% discount. It’s easy to find out which tours can be combined together - simply see the Combines With box on individual web pages.
*Terms and conditions apply. Multi-tour discounts will be applied in order of value, with no discount applicable to the most expensive tour and the 2.5% discount applied to the cheapest tour/s in the booking. Multi-tour discount can be applied after the first tour is booked but the original booking number will be requested. All discounts are capped at a maximum total discount of 10% but the company reserves the right to change this at their discretion.