Melinda Dobsova

Melinda was born in Slovakia of Hungarian parents and grew up with multiculturalism in her blood.  She inherited a wanderlust spirit and began travelling independently through Europe straight after leaving school.  She was keen to understand other cultures and always spent at least three months living and working with local people before moving on.  While away she also studied and acquired a Masters in English Literature and a Tour Guide Qualification. These provided Melinda the opportunity to work for Top Deck and a chance to travel and meet people from all corners of the world. 


After a few busy seasons, when it came time to settle again it was the quieter lifestyle of New Zealand she chose.  Life on the South Island gave her time to think.  She developed her love of nature and hiking in the wilderness. Meditation and yoga became important to her and when she discovered that she had the ability to talk and help others she decided to become a Life Coach. 


When she finally started to miss chaotic Europe and her home, she approached Back-Roads Touring.  Their policy of guiding people privately and in small groups at a leisurely pace to hidden gems Europe suited her interests and style.  As she says ‘for me it is not only about sightseeing but also uncovering the influences that determine how cultures develop. I try and take my guests on a voyage of discovery’.  This philosophy together with her caring attitude, infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy guarantee a memorable experience when travelling with Melinda.