Matthew Hood

Matt is a retired Royal Marines officer who served for 30 years in a variety of British commando units in over 55 countries worldwide. He spent his working life leading small groups of determined men to some of the most fascinating and challenging places on earth. He remains fascinated by the many wonders which the world has to offer but these days he has the luxury of being able to lead others around fabulous places in the UK & Europe in a more relaxing & enjoyable fashion.


Matt enjoys leading tours through the splendid British and European countryside with its wonderful history, architecture and culture, through ancient towns & cities enjoying top notch food, fine ales & wines and most of all good company.


As a military historian, Matt specialises in battlefield tours, helping his guests navigate between the myths & the realities of history and as a former professional soldier, with hard won military experience across five continents and oceans, he brings a first-hand insight of the realities of war to light up your experience of the battlefields and the people who fought and died on them.

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