David Coatsworth

According to David his diverse career path has simply served as a great preparation for his current role as a Back-Roads Tour Leader!


David’s career to date has included, London’s Metropolitan Police Force, Television & Film production work with the BBC and others, Overseas Humanitarian Aid Work, before shorter spells in the Exhibition Industry and Civil Engineering.


Five years spent indulging his academic interests at the countries two Ancient Universities of Oxford & Cambridge provided a most welcome and unexpected interlude, before spending 10 years working in several research & analysis roles. David has also recently been found conducting civil marriage ceremonies, in his post as a County Registrar.  


David loves to meet new people from far and wide and he has a real passion for history, art, literature, theatre, film & TV, architecture, agriculture, food and much else besides. David is absolutely delighted that he is now able to share the wonderfully diverse bounty of the British Isles’ with his tour groups.


David lives in Kent ‘The Garden of England’ with his actress wife and their 16 year old daughter, his two adult sons live in London and Manchester.


David has travelled widely and has previously lived in California, Oxford, Cambridge and London.


Ps does he look vaguely familiar? Look a little more closely at the Game/Gun Keeper wearing a floppy hat in Colin Firth’s famous version of Pride & Prejudice! But as David says, “that’s another story”.