Kasteel Vaeshartelt - The Netherlands

Kasteel Vaeshartelt
Kasteel Vaeshartelt
Kasteel Vaeshartelt
Kasteel Vaeshartelt Double Room

The 17th century Vaeshartelt Kasteel is steeped in royal history. The site of the fortress of ‘Harburgum’, it is reported to be the place where Charlemagne’s grandsons divided up his empire between them. In the 18th century it was owned by King William II of the Netherlands, who used it for his royal hunting lodge – you can still see his initials W II on the keystone today. The beautifully restored interior boasts original frescoes, stucco and marble while the extensive grounds include a vineyard, kitchen garden, star forest and secret garden. Proud of their green credentials, the kitchen only uses organic produce, preferably from their own garden. 

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